Monday, July 31, 2006

Six Cups of Rebel

Six Cups of Rebel is Lindstrom under another name making sunkissed baeleric beats. This ep came out late last year but my head was deep into pummelling techno at that time. This summer finds me drifting upward in arpeggiated spirals to tunes like these as well as old classics by Tangerine Dream.
I read a quote from a fellow blogger where Lindstrom described the utility of his music thusly, "We want to make music people want to fuck to... fuck long and well too".

Nice one.

Six Cups of Rebel - Arp She Said


modyfier said...

hey hector - thanks for the headz-up on this one...with monikers allowing the re-invention of artist's sounds...(or is it vice-versa), it can be like seeing a different face matched to the same voice. makes you look twice. signature to lindstrom and prins t...this track still sounds like music might if it were water slowly filling up a bath.

hector23 said...

No problem. Those guys keep flooring me. Click through the link on this post that says blogger for a ton of other Lindstrom and Prins Thomas tracks.

You changed your picture!

Chantilly Bass said...

Nice, but I would like to pitch it up a bit. Maybe a Luciano remix perhaps? Will you be in SF on the 19th? Our minimal monthly is that Saturday night. It would be great if you could make it!