Thursday, July 13, 2006

Whirlpool Roductions/Justus Kohncke

Justus Kohncke was one of the first artists to really draw me into Kompakt. His blend of techno and unashamed heartfelt pop was just so exciting. He really new how to make a banging track as well. I had read about his first band Whirlpool Productions but never heard anything before stumbling on this at Youtube. Odd how similar it sounds to a lot of the edits coming out in 2006.

Justus Kohncke - 2 after 909

Justus Kohncke - How long has this been going on
(update: Oops according to Mr. Carnage from Tape this is actually Lipps Inc. doing "How Long" still a corker though and if you have heard any of Kohncke's disco homages you know he took influence)

Justus Kohncke - Station 18

His remix for Hot Chip's Over and Over last year really set me off. It became kind of a mantra around my house. "Over and over like a monkey with a cymbal the joy of repitition is really upon me!"


Mandell said...

Thanks for the monster J.K. profile. He definitely stands out so distinctively on the Kompakt roster.

Speaking off topic, would you care to share any thoughts about the passing of Syd Barret?

hector23 said...

You know I loved some of Sid's music especially the stuff he did with the early Floyd line up, but most of that music is bound in analog vinyl.

Its also odd how my view of him has changed over the years. Initially I regarded him as a tragically heroic figure. A brilliant flame that burned out too quickly without ascribing fault. Recently though I have reassessed his and Brian Wilson's image in my mind. Both to some degree knew what they were doing to themselves and willfully continued to the point that they extinguished their creative self. Wilson at least was able to come back from the abyss but Syd, despite the attempted assistance of those around him was lost forever. In the end it just makes me sad to think of what the Floyd could have accomplished with him if he continued on. Especially when you compare him to someone like Daniel Johnson who has suffered from mental illness his whole life but struggled to continue his creativity. In any case RIP Syd.

maeda said...

nice video, think i've read an interesting interview with him long ago
it reminded me, maybe i could use some of your expertise
I need some cool mix release to put on before djs start to spin at some party.
Not eclectic show off, like i'm hearing lately, just something with more steady (minimal/tech or what ever) groove for background layer.

tnx :)

hector23 said...

I have really enjoyed some of Sami Koivikko's mixes and they are online and free. Check out his latest "Hot Pepper" at
My only caveat with that would be that if you are looking to play it over a big soundsystem an mp3 might not sound so hot.

Anonymous said...

thank you, sounds nice, and the web site is cool

I was just checking some wighnomy brothers, I like their sound a lot.
Sometimes, when you are doing something for yourself, you are not seeing tree from the forest :)

thx again, and to return the favour a little, some links i've found

Richard Carnage said...

That "How long has this been going on" track is actually "How Long" by Lipps Inc. The track you're actually after is Justus' "Timecode" which is basically the same melody without the vocal, but Kompakted up of course.

hector23 said...

Wow that is what I get for posting mysterious gifts without proper file names. Still are you sure that is the original version of How Long?

It does seem rather techy for a 20 year old record.

Richard Carnage said...

I'm absoutely certain that it's the original mix. You should definitely check 'Timecode' though. I think someone's done a bootleg of Timecode with the How Long vocal, but I haven't seen it floating around. I know that Colin Nagy over at Devil In The Details has it, so you should harass him and I'm sure he'll help you out. He's a very nice man, is Colin.

hector23 said...

You know I heard all the fuss over timecode when it first came out and then when I got the album it was cut down to 3min and apparently lost a lot of its power. I gotta make an effort to track it down now.

As far as Colin at Devil goes he appears to be a really nice guy. I havent had any back and forth with him but he gave me my first link which was totally cool.