Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Connaisseur Recordings

Besides the Lindstrom that I picked up this weekend I also invested in a couple of main floor releases. I picked up the new Pan Pot ep on Mobilee (which is amazing) and this release from the previously unexplored Connaisseur Recordings. They are a young label with only a few 12"s to their name so far, but if this is anything to go by they bear watching.

This track is by Mariel Ito, which is a pseudonym for Erik Estornel better known as Maetrik for his recordings on Treibstoff and ILLmatic. This ep has a decidedly electro slant to it, but the 3 Channels remix I am featuring pulls in a jacking minimalist direction.

Mariel Ito - Lone Romantic (3 Channels Remix)


tox said...

Liking the selection over here at slowmotion. cheers for the comments - linked u up.

hector23 said...

Thanks tox. Do you have a blog or something? I couldn't follow your link back to your blog.

tox said...

2manyScenes @ http://toomanyscenes.blogspot.com
my blogger profile seems to have messed up or something and won't allow me to show it in my profile for some reason.