Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pier Bucci

I know that most of you seem to hate it when I post video. People come here expecting free tunes and a little unobtrusive commentary with a sprinkling of spelling and grammatical mistakes. So I am really trying to reign it in.
But what can I do when youtube just keeps throwing me these gifts. Pier Bucci's album still moves me and after investing in some new speakers recently I can hear the ridiculous amount of detail and clarity his music has. This is all to say that I am posting more video.
This is Pier Bucii - L'nuit

Oh and if you have a chance give some cash to a worthwhile art project. Square3's film "Speaking in Code" is going to be phenomenal when it is released and might just be the closest I ever get to seeing some of the artists I love. Check it out.


modyfier said...

hi hector. i'm appreciating the pier bucci video. thanks for posting it. also..kudos for pluggingthe speaking in code project. they need as much publicity as they can get (and money). i'm so looking forward to seeing it, too!

hector23 said...

Man I have been watching that film come along for well over a year now, maybe two. I have been urging them to come up with a button or something all us techno bloggers can put on our sites so that you can donate with one click.

Thanks for the comment. That mandy remix of seenfelt that you posted on your site a while back has been sticking with me something fiece recently.

sQuare said...

hey thanks guys.

can anyone make us a button? let me see if I can find someone who can...

big benefit in boston this saturday, if you're around here come on out