Tuesday, July 18, 2006

For the love of Minimal

I have been dwelling on the eclectic for a while now, stretching out and letting the effects of the strong Southern California climate affect my musical direction. Its not as if I haven't been stockpiling tracks away and listening to them as they randomly pepper my day through the magic of the ipod, its just that climate influences mood and thus musical preference. When I think of most minimal I imagine Berlin in the winter. Coming in out of the cold into a dark sweaty space where the music is pumping and the people are grinding.

In my stockpiling I have continued to have love for the relatively new label Mobilee. Legend is that they rocked the house at their Sonar event and largely dominated the proceedings. Their intriguing blend of deep minimal techno/house certainly keeps me checking back on their progress.

Exerecise One's Flight Cancelled is a deep dark burner that is loaded with bass and heavy synth lines.

Exercise One - Flight Cancelled

I have championed Pan Pot on here before but I see no reason to stop a good thing. This track has been with me since late last year but continues to show up in the mixes I throw together for myself.

Pan Pot - Black Current

As an added bonus I found this clip from youtube of a forthcoming release by Sleeper Thief called Full of You.


Two For Tennis said...

...Back Currant is bloody amazing... please...more releases on this label!! NICE

hector23 said...

Yea it is good, and it was largely overlooked when it was released. The next Mobillee release will actually be another Pan Pot corker and is due any second now.

The label only has a very few releases so I try not to post things too quickly. Can't wait to have them release a full album.