Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rub n' Tug

Well I am just beginning to understand how precarious it can be to keep your head down in the sand. All this time I have been living in LA and it has been a hotbed of sweaty disco action. That is a flyer for a party I just missed and I have come to find out that DJ Harvey has been throwing parties pretty much blocks from my house for about two years now. In addition is based here in LA. Ah well, better late than never.

All this knowledge came about after purchasing an "album" by Rub n' Tug at Amoeba that I can't seem to find much of a reference to anywhere online. Its called "Better with a Spoonful of Leather." Carnage over at TAPE seems to think its a collection of edits and he could be right but I don't know the originals well enough to recognise them. The album, as Jun (who works at Amoeba) discribed it to me before I purchased it, is certainly "druggy." It sounds like chopped and screwed disco. Check it.

Rub n' Tug - Sea Men

Rub n' Tug - Tea Please


Anonymous said...

Re-Up the RUB n TUG joints

hector23 said...

Sorry man I only host for the few days that yousendit gives me. I have friends that have gotten in trouble with record companies and I don't want to spoil a good thing. I got more stuff like that coming down the pike anyway. Stay tuned.

Mandell said...

Hey Hector. I know what you mean about missing action. I just missed reportly, the first Dubstep massive in L.A. last Friday night. Did you know about it? As far black disco, goes their was someone else that was throwing those parties around town that If found on Tribe. Seems like they are monthlies. Like the two Brit veterans from the Northern Soul days that throw monthlies around L.A. Also, I definitely am not missing this, are you going to Alexander Robotnik on August 16th? Looks exciting. Hope you and Misty and the rest of the family are doing well.

hector23 said...

Wow Robotnic would be one to catch, but I think that is during a planned trip. Man, that is right up my alley too.

Anonymous said...


the black disco parties are pretty much monthly, but not any specific weekend. loads of good guest in the works, but no date set for the next one yet.


hector23 said...

Cheers lovefingers.

I will keep an eye out.