Tuesday, July 04, 2006


This Rhino Records comp on the left called "The Larry Levan Story" looks a bit cheezy. At first glance it appears to be nothing more than an extremely well timed release to coincide with the resurgance in interest in disco edits and the culture itself. I have been crazy for the stuff myself and I am particularly interested in the time just after what this comp documents. I love the disco, but I am really wanting to hear what Levan did with the harder electronic sound of the early to mid 80s. Maybe what I am really looking for is the Ron Hardy sound, but I digress.
This comp is actually pretty cool. The Sister Sledge track I am posting is one of my favorite tracks this year and it has pushed me to go back over the Nile Rodgers catalog in search of other delights (he is the producer). The inclusion of a Yaz track also made me happy. In my Texas hometown Yaz was huge (sounds weird to write that but new wave gay culture penetrated deep into redneck south Texas) in the mid eighties and the track gave me waves of nostalgia.

Sister Sledge - Lost in Music

Yaz - Situation

and here is an extra Yaz track that warped my young teenage mind.

Yaz - I Before E Except After C

That track and New Order's - Elegia made me think outside of the box as to what music could be. I just remember sitting in my room with headphones on and digging on the pan and layered effects of both of those tracks.

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