Monday, April 10, 2006

Something every "head" should have

Such an awesome album. I just replaced my old vinyl copy with a new remastered version on cd, with an extra cd of the original mixes done by John Cale before Iggy went back in and de artified them. 1969 is one of the great rock songs of all time and We will fall was probably my first introduction to drone. No matter which song you are talking about, on this album its all about the handclaps.

The Stooges - 1969

The Stooges - We will fall


Mandell said...

What do you think of "Funhouse"?

hector23 said...

Its good and I can see the direct connection to 80s hardcore much more obviously but still prefer this to it.

Something that puts me out of step with almost every music journalist I have ever read, but there you go.

Mandell said...

Yeah its true. Even in the Trouser Press they always put "Funhouse" above everything that Iggy and or the Stooges have done. I think the 1st album is great too and I also think that "Funhouse" is one the most crazy and rollicking records ever. Even crazier then a lot of 80's hardcore.

Off the subject, have you heard Jimmy Edgar from Detroit? If so what do you think?

hector23 said...

Yea I have a few things by him and they are all pretty good, but so far not good enough to encourage me to go out and spend a wad on a full cd of his music.

I want it to do a little bit more or maybe I just haven't heard it on the right soundsystem.

I know you like grimey stuff and I have a few things I might throw up on here pretty soon. Nothing spectacularly new, but new to me.

Mandell said...

Yeah. I heard him do a mix on Mary Anne Hobbs which I thought was brillant. He is playing the Trobadour tomorrow night.

Yeah any grime that you like, I'd love to hear. Thanks.