Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ellen Allien

This post is a big shout out to Bruce over at Angry Robot. He was mentioning that he had heard good things about Ellen Allien but had not as yet listened to anything. I promised to rectify the situation and so here we are. Ellen first appeared on my radar as head of BPitch Control, which had the inimitable Sascha Funke on its roster. I found the mix cd Weiss.mix on sale over at Amoeba and I was hooked. She skips across boundries throwing bangers together from seemingly disparate generes to create one of my favorite mixes of all time. Berlinette was an apparent attempt to synthezize all those generes into a cohesive whole. As she has progressed she has stripped down her sound considerably. Here are a collection of tunes that span her albums.

From Berlinette Ellen Allien - Sehnsucht

From Remix Collection Sascha Funke - Forms and Shapes(Ellen Allien Remix)
From Thrills Ellen Allien - Down

Be sure to check out her recent work with apparat and her myspace page for new tunes


angryrobot said...

Thanks! I shall listen to the tunes when I get home tonight (well, after I listen to the new Moz album).

Mary Ann said...

i love the lawrence remix of forms and shapes but this one is great as well.

angryrobot said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've ordered a copy of Berlinette. Thanks.

hector23 said...

I thought that might be the one that appealed to you most. It has much more of an idm feel to it than most her other albums.

On an unrelated topic, do you like Piata from happy/12k?

angryrobot said...

Yeah, I loved her newest album, Ephemeral. I haven't heard the previous album.