Monday, April 17, 2006

Giorgio Gigli

This stuff does put me in the mind of the word motorik.
Long and insistant and helplessly hypnotic. Could this even be minimal trance?

I wish I had more to write and something snappy to say but I just like this tune. Perhaps sometimes that is all that needs to be said.

Giorgio Gigli - I Can't Breathe

On an unrelated subject. When is Sleep Archive going to sell his stuff online? Anyone out there with an answer? That shit is dope but I want to pay for some of it.


maeda said...

nice, if minimal trance exists, it would sound something like that
Don't know about sleep archive, so mysterious business :)

Mist said...
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hector23 said...

I wish I had more sleeparchive stuff to post, but it is very minimal bleepy electronica.

maeda said...

about sleeparchive..

there is interesting mix if it here