Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mobilee Records

I am just starting to dig into the catalog of Mobilee. Originally drawn in by the recomendations of Oh My Gosh and the guys over at Tape, it took some of Pan-Pot's work to actually get me to purchase some tunes. Strangely, as I mentioned it just recently in an entirely different context, the label's work seems to have an air of IDM about it. The tracks have a fine level of detail that could almost be characterized as Baroque minimalism. The mix on this particular track by nHaR has perfect separation. Every little thing in its place. It is a bit of a slow groover rather than a minimalist anthem, shaking the ass and the head rather than aiming for a hands in the air feeling.

nHaR - Hexoflip

There is no cure...

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Mr Soft said...

hey - thanks for this track, I hadn't actually got hold of a copy yet. And thanks for the kind words about TAPE