Thursday, April 06, 2006

Markus Guentner

Went out and got the latest Ware album this weekend by ambient songsmith Markus Guenter. This however was not an ambient album, but a forey into tech minimalism that honestly sounds as if he has been listening to a ton of Kompakt or Dial from about a year or two ago. I am not completely convinced as of yet, but driving to work yesterday this track came on the ole ipod and I started bobbing and weaving through highway traffic and actually turned it up.

From Lovely Society

Marcus Guenter - All the Time (Renalto Figoli Remix)


angryrobot said...

I've only had a chance to listen to this once on my iPod so far, but I think it's pretty good. But yeah, it does have that Kompakt sound. I like the bits of vocals here and there.

angryrobot said...

By the way, did you know he did the bonus remix disc attached to this 4AD Hope Blister re-issue? It's weird, since Underarms was itself a sort of remix of the original Hope Blister album.

hector23 said...

I have actually come to like this track quite a bit. My complaint, maybe, is that I expected something a little more innovative from the album as a whole. I am still a Kompakt freak but I think the sound has progressed and diversified from the mood he is referencing here.

His ambient work is just beautiful though. I dont have the whole 1981 album he did but the tracks I do have are great. It would be great to hear that remix that you linked to.