Friday, April 14, 2006

Around the House

I first came into contact with Herbert purely by accident in his Doctor Rockit disguise. Mid 90s lables such as Clear and Warp were pioneering a back to electro revival that produced some great tracks. Herbert's work appeared on just about every compilation that the labels put out and so I had a great exposure to the tunes. Many years later, around the time Bodily Functions came out, I was floating between generes looking for something new to turn me on. I found the album discounted in a second hand music store and suddenly discovered myself back with an old friend. He was a bridge between the emerging microhouse secene and the melodicism of electronica. I dug into the back catalog and discovered Around the House which was much more housey than Bodily Functions. It has a traditional house feel but with an updated style of sampling that seems to owe some debt to Todd Edwards.

Herbert - Close To Me


Chantilly Bass said...

My FAVORITE Herbert, well, besides his remix of Louis Austen's "Hoping". Not sure how I feel about Scales yet though. We'll see. Nice blog!

hector23 said...

Thanks! Its nice to have a reader from the States. It seems that most people who stop by here are from a little further afield.