Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This weekend I had somewhat of a startling encounter with music. Well, maybe not startling, but it sure was cool.
Like many of you out there in blogistechnostan I listen to the majority of my music now on mp3. Computer speakers most of the time and a car stereo plugged into an ipod. Its great, it allows me to listen to tons of different stuff and has opened my mind considerably. However, it must be noted that in comparison to a cd, mp3s can suck. The audio quality is iffy, especially if like me you like BASS. Also although I have little lamented the loss of the album it turns out that the artform isn't dead yet.
I beat the kids off of the TV/DVD/stereo with subbass this weekend and sat down with a couple of albums that just blew my mind.
Pictured here Modeselektor, whose remixes I blogged about previously, released their debut full length earlier this year. The album had some stunning singles which I duly noted in my mind and promptly moved on. The album itself is GREAT though. Out of 11 or 12 tracks there are maybe a couple that I didn't identify with. The style of the album ranges from stuttery euro-crunk to icy detroit techno that is incredibly well produced and just plain engaging. The track Kill Bill vol.4 is simply an awesome rave anthem as well. I cranked the sub and just rocked out for an hour solid.
So the lesson children is dont forget your roots. Sit down with an album every once in a while. Relax into the experience. I just wish I had the time to sit down with a couple of mates and listen to records like I used to, but I guess this is what I am doing on my blog, in a way.

Modeselektor - Vote or Die

Modeselektor - Silikon (feat Sasha Perera)

who is Sasha Perera?


Anonymous said...

sasha perera

""silikon", with the voice of sasha perera (jahcoozi), is big fun even as a sitting dance, like "hello grandmum, your purple perm looks almost as good as my music sounds, it's in the genes"."
from bpitchcontrol.de
jahcoozi seems to be a trio with members from berlin and tel-aviv.

nebelherz - http://nebelherz.net

hector23 said...

Thank you, I ordered a copy of their last album and hope it is good as this single was. She has a great voice.

I downloaded a track off your nebelherz site, but could not read any of the german. Looks cool though.