Thursday, April 20, 2006

Grime and Punishment

Although Vex'd is not strictly grime, more like dubstep, I had that damn title running around in my head for ages so thought I would just toss it off for the hell of it.

This fucking album is mental. I had been holding off waiting to try and find something by Skream or any of the dubstep artists not so closely identified with IDM but I have been cheating myself. This came out ages ago and it rocks. Distorted raging bass with an industrial tinge. If this album had come out when I had been younger I would have probably been doing crimes to it rather than the confused medly of hardcore/metal and Butthole Surfers style weirdness that fueled my youthful rage. The rips are only at 160 so the bass is not going to be as spectacular as it should be but that should give you cause to purchase it.

Check out some newer tracks at their myspace

Vex'd - Lion V.I.P.

Vex'd - Fire

I think Fire actually samples Skinny Puppy


angryrobot said...

Interesting. I'm not hearing much dub in the step here, but then again I don't really know for sure what grime is supposed to sound like either. And I'm hearing more than a tinge of industrial. I can easily imagine Ogre growling over either of these tracks.

hector23 said...

This is definatly the harder end of dubstep. Generally the bass, I believe, provides the "dub" element" and the tempo is more spacious but still driving. Yea I could hear Ogre screaming over this as well. I like the use of ragga vocal samples though. I have a shockout comp that uses the raga samples in interesting ways as well that I might post soon too.