Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just when I think I am out, they pull me back in.

I have pretty much ignored the world of "electronica" or IDM for a while now. After years of pursuing every limited release, and the fetishization of labels like Warp and Sahko, I just felt that the train had run its course. Well we of weak willpower rarely give anything up forever, and this goes double when Ghostly puts out a cd of tech with a free sampler of idm or SMM (Sensual Machine Music?). A promo priced attractively at 5.99 also sweetened the deal. So here are a couple of choice selections from the SMM cd.

Richard Devine is well known for his fiercely abrasive music and for working for Nike and Disney.

Richard Devine - Murman

Cepia are completely unknown to me, but I like their lovely noise.

Cepia - Ramp

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angryrobot said...

Haven't listended to this one yet, but Ghostly is a good reason to get back to some IDM; they have good quality control. I am still collector scum, though. I saw Devine perform a couple of years ago and he was insane.