Thursday, June 01, 2006


Be careful what you ask for brothers and sisters because you just might get it. Thanks to a fortuitous string of events I have been inundated with high quality tunes and disco information. The other day on ILM I made an off hand comment about how much I have been enjoying Mr. Terje's music, as anyone who has been reading here knows. Lo and behold a kind and generous stranger reached out to me through the miricle of YSI and sent me two large loads of his reedits. I am still trying to get my head around all of those tunes when I discovered this incredible treasure thanks to Dave over at 33/45. Upon further investigation Jaime at Daughters of Invention turned me (and anyone else who reads the blog) on to 3 free downloads from the Quiet Village project.

Whew! Well all that has my head spinning. Some days are better than others on the internet and yesterday was a treat.

Here for your pleasure are a couple of the tracks I just recieved. I try not to post stuff I haven't paid for, but seeing as I have never seen this stuff for sale anywhere I won't feel too bad.

Chaka Khan - Fate (tangoterje edit)

Issac Hayes - Zeke the Freak (todd terje rekutt)

(Update: The kind stranger from ILM was Jacob Sanders. Cheers mate!)


Gavin said...

Not bad, I prefer Fate of these two but it reminds me too much of Stardust. Which is great n'all but I've heard it way too much now. Best re-edit I've heard from Terje is MJ's Can't Help It. Beautiful stuff, did you get a copy in your bundle?

hector23 said...

I did, that one is a real treasure. Although since I had originally snagged it from over at TAPE I didn't want to repost.

Try the Lee Douglas edit of Teddy P over at, great stuff.

kevvy-k said...

anyone living in the vicinity of london and who gets off on the disco renaissance could do much worse than checking out Sunday night's Horse Meat Disco at South Central in Vauxhall. Far and Away my fave night out in town at the moment and musci to die for.

Also loving anything terje-related right now, but my fave Chaka disco tune is the Danny Krivit (or is it Levan?) remix of "I know you, I live you"... just absolute class. Also, if you'e doing bumrocks.. check out the Rene and Angela instrumental.. that was a real find for me

hector23 said...

Any chance of getting a YSI of that Chaka tune you are talking about Kevvy-k?
It seems like I have been waiting to get into her for years, and so far I love every edit & remix I have of hers.

kevvy k said...

can you send me a non-hotmail address to send it too?

hector23 said...

hector23 at gmail dot com

kevvy-k said...

Hey hector,

I just posted it up on Dilated choonz instead