Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alden Tyrell

Due to an infatuation with Todd Terje and a host of other recent new disco music makers, I have started diverting my attention from straight techno and minimal to this revived art form. Alden Tyrell approaches disco from its 80s incarnation as Italo House. The beats are more pumping and the sound distinctly electronic, yet it still has a wistfullness for the groove and the disco ball. Its easy to see how Italo could go on to spawn genere's as diverse as EBM and trance once the gay euphoric elements are removed and all that is left is the sense of futurism and the relentless beat.
This track is off the recently released compilation of his work for Clone Records. Times Like These compiles his releases from 1999-2006 on one convenient package.

Alden Tyrell - Knockers

How can you not like a guy with all that gear and a giant robot on top?


Gavin said...

This tune is great, thanks. Is the rest of the album similar? I've bookmarked your blog, looks like some interesting tunes to hear when I get more time. I saw your post on TAPE blog, looking for Stay Up Forever tracks. I could record a couple and stick them on the blog at some point if you wish?

Cameron Octigan said...

Wow. How have I not seen your blog before? This is really, really great. Thanks for the great tracks, and I look forward to future posts!


hector23 said...

I actually have quite a few Stay up Forever's on vinyl, but I wanted to let ole' Mr. Soft have some idea of what the acid sound was like.

The rest of the album is very similar to this. I was expecting a bit more of the spacious Italo sound when I bought it to be honest but it turns out that this high energy stuff is really good.

modyfier said...

hey there mr. hector23...

i see your name/comments/quips all over the digital map of electronic music blogs and for some reason or other am just tracking you down to your origin...slow motion radio...am loving what i am reading, seeing, hearing so far. more to explore. explore. here i find treasure trove of information. thanks.

hector23 said...

thanks for stopping by, there is no place like home.

By the way I think I have snagged some tunes from your place before.