Monday, June 05, 2006


Just for your info.
Never thought I would be reccomending a purchase of mixmag, but last month's issue had a top mix cd by Hawtin on it. The tracklisting is as follows:
1 2000 & One Leaf 2
2 Cosmic Sandwich Man In A Box (André Kraml Remix)
Remix - André Kraml
3 Sleeparchive ACD-Voice
4 Shane Berry For A Moment
5 Audio Werner Trust
6 Heartz4 Intimacy Girl (Someone Else Remix)
Remix - Someone Else (2)
7 Tadeo Granade Granate
8 Troy Pierce 25 Bitches (Gaiser's Too Many Bitches Makeover)
Remix - Gaiser
9 Fraktion This Fever Works
10 Marc Lansley & Falko Brocksieper Popa Wheely
11 Sebo K Horizons
12 Alex Under El Encuentro
13 LocoDice Seeing Through Shadows

Its a great mix for the cost of the magazine and it has a nice continuity to it. After hearing the last few mixes by Hawtin I expected something more fractured and intellectual but this is a great mix for just dancing to, without any particularly weighty intellectual thought process behind it. Is techno becoming more hedonistic? Perhaps the crossovers that have been happening betwee house/techno/electro have born more fruit than simply new songs. Maybe the respective mindsets have expanded? Next thing you know Basic Channel are going to release a straight up jacking track. We shall see.

I particularly liked the 25 Bitches remix on this mix and the last three tracks. Alex Under has been killing it recently. The Untitled track on Multiplicaciones is awesome as well. In fact what the hell, lets start the week off with some techno.

Alex Under - Untitled


Chantilly Bass said...

Horray for the Audio Werner track. They blew my mind at the Perlon afterparty in Detroit and were one of the highlights of my trip. Amazing stuff.

Gavin said...

Is this Alex Under track actually untitled or is the one from the mix cd? It ends rather abruptly so I would like to find a clean version.

hector23 said...

Actually I believe it came from beatport intact and it is untitled just as god made it.

Gavin said...

Weird, all 3 tracks ends rather strangely on Beatport. Ah well, thanks anyway. I'm liking his style.