Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shoes at Undefeated

Shoes at Undefeated
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This has nothing particularly to do with music other than they were playing what sounded like ragga at time I walked into the shop. This has more to do with my increasing facination with sneakers. Although I have not started standing in line to purchase the latest limited run of nike's, I find the culture facinating. The consumerism is so pure. It almost makes us record collectors look like pikers in comparison.

This is really the entirety of the store as well. The other wall is blank and is about 5 feet to the right of the end of the picture. The utilitarianism of the shop also reminds me a lot of a record store. In particular the new shop Turntable Lab on Fairfax has an almost identical set up with records lining the walls as opposed to shoes.

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fashion said...

Nice arrangement of shoes...looks cool...i too arrange my timberland shoes in a definite order..