Thursday, June 22, 2006


The first stop on the link bar to the right goes to aquarius records, an entity I came across online but which resides in the Mission District of San Francisco. The diversity of their music is only surpassed by their reluctance to embrace techno as an art form. Thus, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the shop. They have turned me on to tons of cool stuff on one hand and then gone on to slag personal hero's such as Justus Kohnke on the other (more on him on an upcoming post).

One of my first discoveries through Aquarius was this band The Blithe Sons. Obsessed with ambient sound, much of their work is recorded on location along the coast of Northern California. Various acoustic and local sound sources are recorded and occassionally processed to create a hypnotic drone based music. A friend i forwarded some of their work to compared it to a "blasted soundscape," which just might be what I find soothing.

The Blithe Sons - Sea Glass


Chantilly Bass said...

It's funny that you bring up Aquarius in a posting because Cameron and I were having a discussion about them and their random quirky offerings the other night. I don't think I've ever come across a shop who's distribution is as off the beaten bath in so many different areas as them.

hector23 said...

I agree completely. Its just so wide and scattered for such a tiny shop too. The lunatics control the asylum there. Only in SF. You guys are lucky living up there. You would think that LA would have world class stores being the home of so many musicians, but Amoeba is really the best game in town and its from SF.

Do you guys have any favorite record shops you haunt? I am planning a trip to Northern California later in the summer and am always in search of new places to check out.

Chantilly Bass said...

Tweekin' and Open Mind- both in the Lower Haight and worth checking out. You should hit us up when you come to town. Hopefully there will be some worthwhile entertainment going on as well.

hector23 said...

That would be awesome. When I get the travel plans worked out I will email you guys to let you know what is up.

Mandell said...

Can't wait for the Justus Kohnke post. He's great!