Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Guy Called Gerald

I can't begin to do justice to the influence this guy has had on techno, drum and bass, and electronica in this little post. Suffice it to say that he was there at the beginning of the acid house sound in England, writing tracks that made the Hacienda the legendary club that it has become. He was also a founding member of 808 state and after working with them on their first couple of albums went on to inspire entire genere's with his solo albums.

Recently he has moved to Berlin and joined in the minimal crusade to overtake the universe. I am going to post a few tracks from his many albums ending with his most recent minimal anthem. Study and enjoy.

A Guy Called Gerald - Vodoo Ray (arguably one of the first acid house tracks produced in UK)

A Guy Called Gerald - Cybergen (from Black Secret Technology)

A Guy Called Gerald - Fever(or a Flame)(feat. Wendy Page) from the album Essence

A Guy Called Gerald - Time to Jak (off his most recent Sender Records 12") killer track


modyfier said...

hi hector -

thanks for the 'time to jack' track. i was looking for that myself today and then ba-boom. there you had it. i linked you over at modyfier for posting about a guy called gerald and rounded out your selections by adding humanity and a few of it's remixes.


Chantilly Bass said...

YESSSSSS! Nice one man. I love AGCG!

hector23 said...

Yea and time to jak was pretty awesome too!