Monday, June 26, 2006


Now this is really odd. I picked up a few tracks this weekend including this euphoric builder from Minilogue. I had been hearing good things about them for a while and already had their "Girl from Botany Bay" single. As I am doing some more research on them I discover that they are from Sweden and that in a previous incarnation they were known as Son Kite (check out some of their mixes under other stuff).

Now most people don't know this but Sweden was the home of a HUGE Psy Trance scene during the late 90s and early 00s and Son Kite was one of their biggest exports. I find it funny that they have moved in a progressive/minimal direction (appearing on Traum no less) because I have been trying to convince one of my old PsyTrance mates, Richard, to put out some music in this direction.
Seems as if these guys saw the connection even before I did.

Check out the track though. It is a long smooth builder that will put hands in the air and fits the glorious sunshine that has been peeking through the fog here recently.

Minilogue - The Leopard

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