Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hey today only comes around once a millenium so lets give the devil his due. The most recent thing I have read on this subject, (which is contained in the wikipedia entry connected to the title of this post), says that 666 is actually a numerlogical reference to the Roman Emperor Nero who prosecuted the minority Christian community so vociferously during his reign. Therefore, hell was itself an analogy for the Roman Empire. Not exactly METAL but interesting.
All historical research aside the devil and by extension horror has made for some great tunes. Today we will celebrate The National Day of Slayer and throw in a few other choice cuts to keep things interesting.
First off the classic:

Slayer - Reign in Blood

Then from a slightly different perspective of the devil is Dies Irae. They see the devil as a contrarian rebel in heaven. Lucifer as the light bringer. The style is all over the place but very satisfying. Blues/Rock/Progressive/Krautrock etc...

Dies Irae - Lucifer

Finally, one of my all time favorite bands, The Misfits, who don't really belong here but I have been looking for an excuse to post one of their songs, so here is.

The Misfits - Night of the Living Dead


FreeThinker said...

SLAYER shall be played LOUD in The City today!

hector23 said...


I like your site by the way. Free thinking is always needed. Particularly these days when it seems to be in such short supply.

maeda said...

lol you have big musical range there :D
Reign(ing) blood is classic!

hector23 said...

Hell yea! Slayer is awesome. I have been thinking about posting more stuff in that vein, but most of my tunes from that time are on vinyl and I have no way to convert (or am too lazy to deal with it).

maeda said...

Slayer is/was one of my youth idols hehe.I've been on two shows, and hoping to be able to see them again, maybe, some day.Interesting how manny ppl from heavy area turned to electronic department.
Actually, tonight is a Motorhead show in town, but i'm still considering, 35 € is way to much for those dinosaurus :)