Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have been waiting for this compilation with baited breath (that was a lame choice of words, lets just say I was excited) and thus far it has not disappointed. The sound of min2max is, as the name implies, strictly minimal. Stripped down rhythms and finely tuned sound design make up the stock and trade of this album. Since my first introduction to techno the aphorism "do more with less" has alway struck me as highly appropriate. Like a painter who, only using the barest brush strokes, is able to suggest more than is actually there minimal techno functions best when it is suggestive rather than leading.

This particular track by Loco Dice best exemplifies this aesthetic on this compilation. A stripped down groove is the basis for the track which over time is added to and expanded bit by bit till before you know it you are jacking. Listen and enjoy.
Chantilly Bass is hosting another incredible and maybe even more vital track from this compilation over at her blogspot address. Sample the joy and then purchase.

Loco Dice - Orchidee

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Mist said...

This was great. I guess we already have most of these tracks, but put some minus stuff on my iPOD, okay?