Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This week I wanted to delve deep into the land of drone. Its a nebulous area, unbounded by any clear distincions. There is a whole group of music in my head which I consider droney, from modern classical to electronic noise and on to guitar based nastyness. I don't claim to be an expert on this subject so hopefully this week will inform me as well as whomever decides to read this.

First up this week is a band I havef only recently started getting into. Double Leopards are a band out of NY that dive deep into muddy psychedelic soundscapes. From their recent double album Halve Maen

This is The Secret Correspondence 2

PS I make drone music that you will probably be subjected to before too long.


Mandell said...

Sounds very Ligeti like.

hector23 said...

Mandell, I think we are going to have some fun together if we don't geek out too much.

I have always wondered what ligeti sounded like.

Mandell said...

Hey Hector,

I am sure that you have seen "2001: A Space Odyssey". Those parts in the movie when the monolith shows itself, you hear his eerie choral music. That is Ligeti. That piece which was composed way before "2001" is called "Lux Aeterna".

Esa Pekka Salonen and the L.A. Phil had a tribute concert to him at Music Center. It was great concert to attend. Even though the music is over 40 years old, the music did not fail to alienate many of the blue hairs in attendance who left midway through the performance. At the end, Salonen brought Ligeti onto the stage to take a bow. It was a very memorable evening!

hector23 said...

Ah yes now I remember who he is! I had forgotten the context in which I had heard him referred to.

That is cool. I did something recently that reminded someone of that exact same tune.