Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In what might be an odd shift from Spacemen 3, today's post focuses on an artist who I have been hearing about for ages from my friend Sammy V. Lindstrom is a purveyor of what I have heard referred to as "bongo house" What it really reminds me of is nothing so much as an updated version of Italo-Disco. Highly melodic, detail orientated dance music that owes a huge debt to disco but takes the idea forward in an even more electronic context.

Other guys to look out for in this general area are Daniel Wang, Metro Area, and pretty much anything Morgtan Geist releases on the Environ Label.

By the way Playhouse, the label that rereleased this, is a personal favorite and you are sure to see more of their stuff popping up here in the coming weeks.

From Famous when Dead IV - Lindstrom - I feel space

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