Friday, October 21, 2005

So continuing down my path of posting music that everyone on ILM has heard before.
Here is a beautiful mix of two tracks from an album that simply blew my head out of the water several years ago.

Michael Mayer of the by now legendary Kompakt label first appeared on my radar on a thread of the above mentioned ILM. I had heard of Kompakt before and had been attempting to track down a cd or two for a while here in Los Angeles with no luck around late 2002. Blundering into ILM purely by accident, I made it a point to look up Kompakt. Low and behold gushing reviews for this mix abounded on the message board. After much fruitless searching and even attempting to order it from Forced Exposure I eventually was forced into file sharing to aquire my copy. I was not dissappointed. This album reawakened my interest in dance music and seeing him and Reinhardt Voight play a bit later converted me into a Kompakt zombie. That show at a small venue in Echo Park reminded me why I loved dance music and forced me out on the floor for hours. **Sigh**

Some of the more recent albums on Kompakt have left me a bit cold, but this album and that show were epochal. In fact I sadly still carry the tickets in my wallet (fanboy stuff I know).
In any case here you go.

Messian & Phantom Ghost - Perfect Lovers (Unperfect Love Mix by Tobias Thomas & Superpitcher)

oh and by the way... This track for me is the essence of microgoth


Mandell said...

I've been playing this track you have streaming alot. I've been looking for microgoth on the web but their isn't alot out their. Do you know of any comps or does Tobias Thomas & Superpitcher have an album out.

Maybe in the future, Mary Anne Hobbs will dedicate a show microgoth.

Also, I was thinking that with Bauhaus playing this week, it might be interesting to do some mashups of goth band vocals with some awesome microgoth back tracks. Who knows?

hector23 said...

Superpitcher has a mix cd that would be right up your alley called today that I will gladly burn for you. There are quite a few bits and pieces here and there. Lawrence also makes some great tunes and has 3 albums out.