Monday, October 31, 2005

I am going to wind up my drone series this week, but before we go I still have a few juicy nuggets to impart. William Basinski is something of an old fashioned romantic in my mind. He started making his loops in the 80s going direct to tape. His sounds envoke a sort of creepy pastoralism. Images of sheep crazing in a lush green pasture come to mind, but with an overcast sky of ash and flaming embers. It is an incongrous image but it suits his music well to my mind. This track is from the album Disintigration Loops. The legend is that he finished work on this album on Sept 11, 2001 while living in New York. After he finished the transfer from tape to digital medium he played the ensuing soundtrack on his roof as he watched the World Trade Centers crash down. Dark, but suitable.

William Basinski - D|P 2.1

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