Thursday, October 27, 2005

Continuing on with my drone theme I have the great pleasure of introducing Tim Hecker. I first came to notice him while digging through Force Inc.'s back catalog. At the time he was making leftfield techno under the name Jetone.

It was ok but didn't fit what I was after at the time. I did read an article in which he talked about his growing dissatisfation with techno and the rigidity of 4/4 time. Now that struck me as interesting. I had always thought that creating a narrative without the presence of a beat was a much more demanding field of exploration, and so I was drawn to his latest release at the time, Radio Amour.

Its crystaline structure stunned me. I fell deep into his sound world and Mirages, his latest full length only solidified my position.

His music, to me, sounds as if transistor radios had been granted the gift of sentience and then in their wisdom had come together to sing the praises of their gods, the ozone layer and auroura borealis.


This track is not one of his most beautiful, but for me is still very affecting. From the remixes of Isis's Oceanic

Carry (Tim Hecker First Version)

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