Thursday, October 20, 2005

One of the more challenging aspects of posting music is to decide what to post. Itunes tells me that I have almost 80 gigs of music to choose from, which roughly works out to not having to listen to the same thing more than once a month if I so choose.

With all that choice and no immidiate audience to speak of. How do you whittle down preferences? Doing short runs of a specific genre makes sense but I have come to realize that I practically have ADD whenit comes to my listening habits. The ipod has only reinforced this so here I swim in an ocean of music trying to seperate a drop out to concentrate on.

Fortunatly, some artists just manage to make themselves heard above the din. Daniel Wang is one of these. He creates disco/house that stimulates the mind and the ass. His legendary dj sets range from old school gay disco to modern electro house all the while he is working the crowd playing cowbell along to the track. MORE COWBELL!!!

From his album Idealism - All flowers must fade

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