Tuesday, October 18, 2005

For all the fucked up children in the world I bring you Spacemen 3.

It was in the late 80s-early 1990s that I first heard these guys. I was a poor college student at the time saving my pennies for my weekly trip to my favorite music store. It really was more about the browsing at this point because I usually couldn't afford to spend more than five bucks at a time. I haunted the place, becoming overly familiar with the staff and in fact one of the managers had lived with me for a time when she first moved up to the city.

Simultaneously I had started having small scale acid freakouts at my place just about every weekend. Friends would drive up from the surrounding area and I would kit the house up in lights and spin records on my little record player/cassette deck that I had recieved as a junior in high school.

One fateful Friday afternoon one of the salespersons at the shop, knowing my increasingly acid tinged taste, came up to me with a discount copy of A Perfect Prescription on vinyl. I was dubious of the well dressed preppy boys on the cover but I took it home introduced it to my party and it warped my perceptions forever.

Here is my favorite track. Ecstacy Symphony - Transparent Radiation

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Loki said...

love this album and especially this track..i am very good friends with some very good people almost entirely because i heard it coming from a room while stumbling, half mad on nasty hash balls, around Neuadd Mary Williams at Swansea University...

Great stuff Hector... are you the Hector I sent all the Coil stuff to?