Monday, August 21, 2006

Very busy now

I am starting grad school this week and getting up to speed is kicking my ass. Its probably that I have built grad school up in my mind to be some kind of super difficult thing more than anything. As with many things it is the anticipation more than the actual event that is the killer.

I have picked up some really odd and great music over the past couple of weeks that I am hoping to share soon as well as some stuff that I can't share quite yet, but when I do it will be great fun. Later this week I am going to throw some more quality nordic music out there thanks to this purchase. Its been out there a while but unavailable to me.

Tonight I just wanted to share a couple of tracks from back in 1993. I originally picked this up on cassette tape in a little second hand record shop in Camden and at the time it toally blew my mind. I think it bodes well that when I found it cheap last week in San Francisco both the kids started nodding along to it in the back seat and my seven year old even raised her hands in the air at the appropriate time.

Spooky - Little Bullet

Spooky - Orange Colored Liquid (this kind of reminds me of Higher Intelligence Agency)


Mike P said...

What a coincidence - I just got the old album by Spooky "Gargantuan" last week - hadn't listened to Mr. May's OLD STUFF in a while & even though a few tracks are a little repetitive, a few blow me away still...Little Bullet included. Always thought that Sasha wouldn't have sounded as good as he did on his post-Xpander stuff, if it wasn't for the fac that Charlie May (Spooky) helped him produce many of Sasha's music.

hector23 said...

I didn't know about sasha using may as a co producer. Very intersting. Thanks for the heads up and the comment. It seems as if a lot of my commenters have taken summer break!