Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kirk Degiorgio, Esoteric

I have been a long time follower of Mr. Degiorgio's work. Not always the most pleased follower, as I found some of his attempts at Detroit homage a little lacking. Yet there always remained a spark that kept me coming back.
I think I first ran into him via Mo'Wax in the mid 90s and was recently reminded of his authority by a web page he put up detailing some of the greatest soul and r&b albums of all time. I got a lot of good selections off that list and my respect for his knowledge and insight increased tremendously.

I recently got his latest 12" and it is pretty amazing. In contrast to his earlier stuff, he attempts a disco track here and pulls it off incredibly well. Energetic, propulsive, and exciting I have already slotted it into my latest mix cds. I am going to give you his original mix but if you know anything about space disco you will get the whole thing in order to pick up the Spirit Catcher Remix or the equally fun but much more housey Jimpster Remix. Get it here.

Kirk Degiorgio, Esoterik - Starwaves

as a bonus, from a comp that came out some time ago on Hefty, here is Degiorgio remixing Phil Ranelin

"For The Children" Kirk Degiorgio - Offworld Mix - Phil Ranelin - Phil Ranelin Remixed

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