Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kompakt - Speicher 38

I haven't been giving Kompakt as much love as I anticipated when I first started this blog. At that time Kompakt was pretty much the alpha and the omega. Their string of releases was so strong and their reputation so legendary that I thought I would be spending a good chunk of time reviewing their tracks. Time and entropy can bring down the mightiest of houses though.
The fact that they handle their own online distribution probably contributes to my lack of coverage recently as well. I like to do my shopping online in one central location and for some reason I found their shop a little tedious to work with and switched to using beatport full time.
Well, their new Total comp is going to be out soon and word on the net is that it is going to be up to their old standards of greatness. I also recently got a copy of Speicher 38 (their hard dance sublabel) and my interest was rekindled once again.

Both tracks are pretty outstanding. and very different from one another. So to get some of you out there to purchase, I am only going to post one side so that you are forced to pick up the other. This is Oxia with the darker more industrial sounding track of the two.

Oxia - Future

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