Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Prima Norsk - Space Disco

Here is a little something I picked up this last weekend at Amoeba SF. As an aside the Amoeba on Haight Street is somehow much better than our humble Hollywood Amoeba, at least as far as the organization of the dance section goes. I was able to easily find what I was looking for without any confusion as to which genere I should be searching in, which always makes the record shopping experience more pleasent. My wife and I chalked it up to the temporary nature of life in LA. It was easy to tell that many of the employees of the Amoeba SF store had been there for ages and refined their sections precisely. In LA everyone is looking to move on to something better and the committment level at retail must not be very great.

Anyway, here is to a quality record shopping experience, and to celebrate here are a couple of quality cuts from great Norwegian artists.

Lindbaek & Lindstrom - Aliens in my pocket

Todd Terje - Bodies (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron)

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