Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oh Fuck

This is going to be a tease but damn what a good tease. I just heard that Carl Craig and Basic Channel did remixes for the latest Rhythm & Sound 12." Since I have been ranting on Craig's greatness recently I was dying to check it out. So far all I have found are these snippets from Hard Wax, but damn if they don't sound good. The Craig track sounds like jacking dub(?) and the Basic reshape sounds positively epic.

Poor People Must Work - Rhythm & Sound (Carl Craig Remix)

See Mi Version - Rhythm & Sound (Basic Reshape)

Try your local record emporium or click on the Hard Wax link up above to order direct. So far I have not found them for sale as digital tracks.


kevvy-k said...

just found the full version here -

hector23 said...

Awesome! I have been dying to hear this, thanks for the heads up.

sQuare said...

i don't think you will find them electronically. I don't think basic channel are down with the digital. vinyls all the way

hector23 said...

I completely understand why they would be that way, but for economic reasons it makes total sense to go electronic.

The cd will be out soon anyway though and then they will all be mine.