Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Since it has never been my intention to make this site an exclusively dance music centered blog, I am going to divert today and play a few tracks that at their heart retain the qualities of repetition and beauty that I enjoy most in dance music.

First off is the old man to the left. John Cage was a towering figure in experimentalism during his lifetime. If you know it or not his ideas have influenced how all of us perceive sound. Dance music and its branches have been particularly shaped by the ideas he had about sound as an end in itself.
Neveretheless I am not playing one of his more experimental works. I really love this piano piece that he did early on in his career. It is very melodic and restful and sometimes that just hits the spot.

John Cage - In a Landscape

From Cage I want to move on to more contemporary themes. As I mentioned my love for repetition (like a monkey with a cymbal, the joy of repetition is really...) above I wanted to post a couple of tracks that could easily be considered "rock" but to me seem so much more.

Ghost is a band that I posted about on my first week on. Since hardly anyone was paying attention at that time I don't feel to bad about coming back to their music. The review at the link I posted on their name will do a much better job at informing you about them than I could so don't be afraid to click through. The least information you need to know is that they are Japanese hippies that can jam. Repitition is a big part of what they do but not as much as the following group.

Ghost - Ganagmanag

Finally there is Circle. This band is still somewhat of a mystery to me. I have two of their albums and a number of free floating tracks, but the albums differ quite greatly in production quality and to a degree style. At some points they use a syth as an arpeggiator and at others its just a full on Krautrock/Finnish experience. This album shows more of their jamming rock side but will take you on a trip nevertheless.

Circle - Alotus

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kek-w said...

Circle and Ghost...love 'em both, man! (And Cage, natch!)