Thursday, May 18, 2006

John Tejada

John Tejada is one of those odd producers that are difficult to pigeon hole. He does a lot of progressive tech house sounding stuff, straight minimal tunes, indie electronica in fact it is a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes like with last years "Sweat on the Walls" he hits the nail on the head perfectly. The track just jacks and the vocal sample just makes me think of all the sweaty warehouses I have danced my ass off in. That feeling of being lost on the dance floor and then suddenly its raining from all the condensation. MMMMMM. Lost in music. I cherish those memories as if they were religious. With this track he is going with more of a progressive edge. The feeling is more anthemic than jacking with a tight little melody that runs through the whole tune. Apparently the press release is saying that this will be his last tune ever before going on to a job in the real world, but somehow I doubt it.

John Tejada - The end of it all

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