Sunday, May 07, 2006

How did I miss this?

Just picked this up for a fiver and it suprised the hell out of me. I guess I missed the hype on Mr. Bucci, if there was any. Apparently he is from the Chilean axis of evil that counts Luciano and Villalobos among its members. You can hear the connection in the programming in a couple of the trackes for sure. Lovely polyrhythms and a deep understanding of the psychedelic mindset.

This track kind of reminds me of what Dexter might have sounded like if it were influenced by deep house more than techno.

Pier Bucci - The R-8 Mooger

Like the Bucci track above, some recent tunes have really been opening up my appreciation for space within the confines of techno. The recent Carl Craig remixes are unreal. The Delia and Gavin track is good but I think the Theo Parrish I talked about here last month is just as strong and both are so wide open. The mood is so blissful.

Speaking of Villalobos here is an oldey but goody that reminds me of West Coast deep house a lot.

Ricardo Villalobos - 808 the Bass Queen (Queen of Bass Remix)


maeda said...

that was one of my favourites in 05
..but if you missed this, i could throw a couple of others i like from 05
Stefan Goldmann - Blood [Perlon 051]
Dandy Jack & The Junction Sm - Los Siete Castigos [Perlon 50]
Matias Aguayo - Are You Really Lost on Kompakt
Those the first that came to my mind, maybe you'll like some of them

hector23 said...

I liked the Matias Aguayo album, but not as much as Sherburne did. Dandy Jack is also very cool but a little more disjointed than I currently enjoy.

I am interested in the Stefan Goldman. I'll have to check that out.