Sunday, February 05, 2006

These, if you didn't know, are two very different artists.

Ricardo Villalobos has altered house music's DNA in the last several years. Some might credit him with making minimal the defacto genre of 2005. When Sasha is digging in the minimal crate things are definitely weird.

On the right is Six Organs of Admittance. Ben Chasney is the leader and was the sole member of this group for a while. He makes a dreamy, feedback washed style of folk that owes a debt to John Fahey.

I only bring them up in the same post after purchasing Achso, Villalobos's latest. As usual he is out there, combing the depths that I thought house would never reach. On the track I am putting up, Seiso, he practically creates a new genere. Somewhere between krautrock/free folk (a la Six Organs) and of course techno. I was also reminded of Amon Duul II. Hell, I could just be imagining things but both tracks are worth checking out anyway.

Ricardo Villalobos - Seiso

Six Organs of Admittance - Home

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