Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I recently picked some of the remixes from the wonderful Modeselektor album. I had planned to post the Sleep Archive mix of Dancing Box but apparently the ftp gods are not happy with me today. I shall attempt a sacrifice later tonight and see how that affects their mood. In the meantime check out this still wonderful but woefully short Grime Mix of Silikon by an unnamed mystery techno producer. My guess is Rex the Dog, but who knows.

Modeselektor - Silikon feat. Sasha Perera (Grime Mix)


Mandell said...

That was wonderful! More Grime please!

hector23 said...

I can post some more but please go check out the dubstep/grime guy


He is on top of the scene and posts mixes fairly often

Mandell said...

Thanks for the link.