Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just in case you weren't around back in the day. This album is as essential now as it was then.

I first saw Vladislav Delay/Luomo in early 2002 at a small space in LA called the Echo. I wasn't keeping up with house or techno much at the time. I was coming off of one of my periodic facinations with the horribly named IDM, and went to hear the Vladislav Delay portion of the show with a couple of new friends. All dubbed out effects and space he did not dissappoint.

However, about half way through the show a funked up drum track started up and the floor started to fill up with a small group of grinding dancers. I was intrigued, but not entirely receptive at that point, still straddled with the baggage of IDM I found it difficult to get back into 4/4. Shortly later something snapped and I began to hoover this style of music up like there was no tomorrow. See if this effects you the same way.

Luomo - Syncro


qDot said...

OMG! I love Technorati, it found your link to my page. Will have to point the woman over here too so you two can geek out over ambientness again.

Damn, that was such an awesome show. It's still been the most I've enjoyed Luomo too, listening to him on CD just isn't quite the same.

hector23 said...


That was a great show. When are you guys gonna come bother Martin again? He is living all by his lonesome now.

qDot said...

I really wanna come visit you guys, but my travel schedule keeps putting me way north of you, heh (all my travel is listed on my webpage, nonpolynomial.com. So many conferences OMG). Maybe I can worm my way into E3 or something.