Thursday, February 16, 2006


I first heard Lisa Shaw in the summer of 2002. I had just heard Swayzak and was quite obsessed with their sound at the time. That minimal deep house feeling was just taking off for me and I was trawling around trying to find things similar.

On my first visit to Amoeba SF I started questioning their dance staff and low and behold I was handed a copy of a mix cd my Marc Deon (click on the link he has some free mixes). He played great soulfull techy deep house. This cd went everywhere from Swayzak to Lisa Shaw to Pepe Braddock with a little Stevie Wonder thrown in for good measure. Her voice was enchanting and as my wife and I began to find a common ground in deep house we came upon this track.

Lisa Shaw - Always (Lovetronic Vocal)

We bought quite a few of the Naked Music compilations at the time, but this track has stood the test of time. In case you are interested it is off of Nude Dimensions Vol. 2.

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