Monday, February 27, 2006


I have been discovering the many wonders of Nero. I am probably behind the curve on this but the product is really pretty good. It does DVD burning, you can do your own mixes with crossfades in 2, 5.1 and even 7.1 as well as quite a few other things I haven't even investigated.

In any case I did a mix a couple of nights ago for the first time in ages. To be honest I would like a little more from Nero, but that is only because I am comparing it to ProTools and that is hardly a fair comparison. The ability to design your own crossfades in ProTools is very cool and that is something Nero lacks.

As far as the mix goes I had a very odd concept in my head that seemed best expressed by the picture of the King's Cross gas rings up above. The mix has a pastoral element to it, but is tempered by quite a bit of electonic drift. It reminds me of certain areas of London that were thoroughly city yet had been there for so long that nature had begun to creep back in. A feeling of high/old tech decay and assimilation. There certainly is not much in LA that gives me that feeling, but these photos also hint at that kind of cross pollination.

Here is the tracklisting for Ostara
Current 93 - All the Pretty Horses
Six Organs of Admittance - Spirits Abandoned
Blithe Sons - Waves of Grass
Earth - Lost in the Desert
Tim Hecker - Neither More nor Less
Fennesz - Laguna
AGF - Shumine
Loscil - Sickbay
Dj Koze - Chiminea

Listen to the silence.


Mist said...

Loved it. Don't forget to burn me a copy. You promised!

hector23 said...

thanks I always appreciate comments from an objective observer

qDot said...

God damn. Just looking at the track list, it's like, it works, but wow. Current 93 and Fennesz. It like, makes sense.

Hector said...