Monday, February 27, 2006

Parent stuff

I know that most people that would read this blog are not parents. Most parents simply dont have the time or money to care about music one way or the other and simply give it up as something that interested them in their youth.

I however did not. So I have kids, in particular a daughter, that gets a ton of homework every night. Which might be ok, if she wasn't in first grade. I have often talked about how ridiculous this is with my wife but this article has confirmed some of my suspicions. Kids should be allowed to be kids. Its the only chance they get.


Michael said...

I have two of the little sprouts myself - 2 & 6 years old. The 6 year old is in K and gets homework! I'm pretty sure I never had homework at that age...

I happily continue to spend large amounts of my disposable income on music. My wife, bless her, knows that it will never go away, and refers to the music room (yes, it's that bad) as our retirement fund.


Hector said...

Its nice to have an understanding wife. Mine is a saint in regards to my collecting. She is even good enough to accompany me on my trips to Amoeba.

I dont remember having homework for ages when I was a kid. I worked in school but when I came home all I have memories of are throwing rocks and running around.

My kids are almost the same age as yours by the way one will be 2 in April and the other is 6.

Where are you by the way?