Thursday, February 23, 2006


The Boredoms. What is there to say about a bunch of Japanese noise and drum circle freaks that has not been said before. For me the Boredoms take the stance of The Stooges, & The Butthole Surfers twin drum attack out to the furthest degree. They strip down rock to its bare bones of propulsion and energy and use that as a jumping point to Psychedelic transformation. There is certainly a krautrock feeling of metronomic drumming and exploration, but whereas the German sound has a sort of brittle iceiness to it the Boredoms are able to power through through that to incorporate more raw energy.
This track sees them on a more exploratory trip but check out some of the other tracks on Vision Creation Newsun to see how they can thrash.

Boredoms - Arrow Up

Also, More Youtube goodness.

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