Thursday, December 01, 2005

In an about face from yesterday's bouncy housey posting, today will feature a couple of "metal" artists. I say "metal" cause neither one of these tunes sounds particularly like Motley Crue , say. In fact the genre of metal seems to be expanding more rapidly than most others these days. Bands as diverse as Earth and Cinderella can fall under the same general title, although how comfortable they are grouped together is a matter of dispute.

I personally like a bit of heavyness in my metal. When it can be tempered with melody that is awesome too. These two tracks can best be summed up in my head by the title of the first, Pastoral.

Jesus Lizard - Pastoral

Isis - Altered Course

PS. If anyone has tracks from the new Earth album Hex I would love to hear them. Seems like they are moving into melody as well.

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