Friday, December 16, 2005

I have been wanting to post this song from the moment I set up shop here at Slow Motion Radio. I first discovered Can in 1990 living in Austin trawling through record shops. I am not sure if it was cover art, as has often been the case, or a good word by a trusted record store clerk that put me on to them. In any case I bought Cannabalism I and it blew me away.

Krautrock? What the hell is that? All I knew was that these hippies rocked, grooved, and experimented in ways that put Pink Floyd to shame.

Strangely, I didn't binge on buying everything they ever made at that instant. I have been at it purchasing bits and pieces since that time and have been particularly pleased with the recent reissues. I actually didn't get around to buying Future Days until earlier this century. It was a long time coming but this album is AWESOME! Groovy, funky, dreamy, this album must be the blueprint for a host of generes. At the very least shoegazers owe it a debt for the vocals that just seem to float throughout.

This is the title track:

Can - Future Days

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