Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Today, I wanted to share a bit of ambient beauty that has been making my days sparkle as I walk to and from class.

First is a track from the newly released Pop Ambient 2006 from Kompakt Records. Markus Guentner & La Grande Illusion create a lush soundscape based on a repeating guitar motif that propels me through the newly arrived chill in Los Angeles. The colors are changing on the trees, the wind picks up and this track guides me along towards my destination improving my mood and creating an air of optimism that today will be unique.

Markus Guentner & La Grande Illusion - Baghira

Max Richter, a modern classical composter, provides the next track. Previously working with FSOL his new album Blue Notebooks is wonderfully cinematic (a favorite descriptive term of mine). The pieces on this album mainly revolve around repeated piano phrases with strings and some electronics to provide accompaniment. It kind of reminds me of Romantic period classical music, which for some reason I always associate with the best kind of used book store. Getting lost in shelves of endless books, records, and other media used to consume me as a kid and teenager and this evokes that mood for me. Comforting.

Max Richter - Shadow Journal


Mandell said...

Speaking of Kompakt, Tresor is moving their club out of the vault to somewhere else in Berlin. Their doing a world tour to celebrate the "closing" of the original club. Care to share with us some favorite tracks from their label?

hector23 said...

Jeez I don't have a lot of my tresor or much hard techno anymore, at least on cd. Next time you come over you are welcome to look through my records for any remaining stuff.

I will look around though.

PS Tresor closed a while back, aparently the last song played was Hero's by David Bowie.